Top 7 Courses Which Can Help Enhance Academic Writing Skills?


Writing is a too much-praised skill. But do you know mastering this skill does not come easy? Undoubtedly, some people are natural writers, and they can compose some really good academic papers. What about those who do not have this much flawless academic writing skills? Do not worry; today, I am here with a solution for such writers. Online courses or taking writing courses at universities can help students a lot in developing writing skills. Now, you must consider those courses and where to find them. Why the rush, dear students? Today’s article is all about detailing those courses. But before that, let’s talk about the importance of having good academic writing skills.

Why is having enhanced writing skills important?

Writing skills hold much importance in a student’s life. It is because, in student life, the student has to work on several writing projects, like essays, assignments, and dissertations. If he does not possess enhanced writing skills, he cannot score well in his academics. It is why having good writing skills is important. More points explaining this importance are as follows:

  • Such skills sharpen the creativity and imagination skills of students
  • Vital to academic success as it expands your knowledge of different things
  • These skills increase the confidence level of students
  • Academic writing skills help you convey your message clearly and comprehensively.

Hence, these are some of the points that highlight the importance of having good writing skills. Now, let’s move on to our original topic. That is what courses can enhance your writing skills.

7 courses to enhance your academic writing skills

From the discussion above, you already know why it is important to improve writing skills. You also know you can improve them by taking online courses. But which online courses? It is the main question to answer. Hence, a brief description of the top 7 courses is as follows as shared by expert writers of a coursework writing service UK:

1.     Rhetoric: The Art of Persuasive Writing and Public Speaking

Delivered by the world’s top university, Harvard University, this course is the first on the list you can take online. It is free to attend, and you will also be getting an online certificate after taking this course, which is a plus point. This course can enhance your persuasive writing skills, which is sometimes very helpful in the case of essay writing. Additionally, this course is self-paced. But the total duration of the course is 8 weeks in which you have to study 2 to 3 hours daily. So, enrol yourself in this course now.

2.     Business Writing Techniques

The second course on the list is Business Writing Techniques, delivered by the Doane University, USA. This course will help you learn different writing styles in the field of business. The learners will also learn how to use the 6 Cs to enhance their business communication. This course is also self-paced, and the estimated course duration is 4 weeks. It requires the students to study 5 to 8 hours per week.

3.     Academic English: Writing Specialisation

The next course on the list to improve your academic writing skills is Academic English: Writing Specialisation. The University of California’s Irvine campus offers this course online to students who cannot attend the university in person. This course’s mission is to transform the academic writing of college students. The major focus of this course is on research also. It means you will also learn how to research well and write an extraordinary piece of writing. The total duration of the course is 4 to 6 months.

4.     Writing in the Sciences

This course teaches the already good writers to become expert writers. The course writing in the Sciences is about teaching academic writing through practical examples and exercises. The topics of this course include:

  • Principles of good writing
  • Tricks for writing quickly and with less anxiety
  • The format of a scientific manuscript
  • Writing for general audiences, etc.

By taking this course, you should be sure of enhanced academic writing skills. This course is online, and you can earn a certificate after the course. It is important to note that this course is approximately 30 hours long. Hence, you can easily finish it in a week.

5.     Learn English: Writing Effectively with Complex Sentences Specialization

This course is also offered by The University of California, Irvine. The focus of this course is teaching the use of complex sentences in academic writing. You all know that sentences are quite complex and long in academic writing. Forming such sentences can be an arduous task. Therefore, you must enrol in this self-paced course to learn how to use complex sentences to express your ideas in more sophisticated ways. The course language is purely English, and you can earn its certificate 100% online. The course duration is only 3 months, and the assessment deadline is flexible.

6.     Writing in English at University

It is the 6th course you can take to improve your academic writing skills. Lund University, Sweden, offers this course 100% online to international and national students. This course focuses on improving students’ writing and research skills at the university. So, you must take it because the course length is only 24 hours.

7.     How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper

A scientific paper is one form of academic writing that many students write. To write it better, students must have excellent writing skills, which they often lack. No worries because Institut Polytechnique De Paris has covered you with this course. Enrol in this course now and learn how to write a scientific paper successfully. It will surely increase your writing skills.


Online courses are a great way to learn anything. In the same way, taking courses on writing can help you improve your academic writing skills. So, enrol in the courses mentioned above and rock your scientific and research papers.

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