Guide To Style Women’s Bomber Jackets This Winter Season

Bomber Jackets are cool, cute, and warm for a chilly day and lightweight and moisture-wicking for a not-so-chilly one. Women’s bomber jackets are severely underrated, and we are here to change that this winter season. These jackets are versatile enough to carry you from the gym to a fabulous brunch with friends and family or from an evening hike to a casual dinner. Just layer up with your bomber jacket on whatever it is that you are already wearing and look like you’ve put in all the effort to get ready for the night. Women’s bomber jackets will also keep you warm through exotic vacations or local camping trips on December weekends. So, follow this Guide To Style Women’s Bomber Jackets This Winter Season.

  1. Winter Season is the Wedding Season

Indian December doesn’t just mean winter season; they also mean wedding season, so you have to keep your wardrobe ready not only to feel warm but also to look incredibly stylish and instagrammable. So, find your prettiest lehenga and pair it with the coolest women’s sneakers and a matching bomber jacket to get through this colder winter while looking elegant and dancing comfortably. White sneakers with silver metallic accents and a white slim-fit women’s bomber jacket will neutralise your blingy silver lehenga or party dress for your best friend’s mehendi, sangeet, or cocktail night.

  1. Winter Sports and Activities

Winter season is cold, but winter activities and sports are fun! So, are you a big fan of skiing trips in the mountains or late-night bike rides in your city in winter? Then women’s bomber jackets are perfect for you. Layer up your black monochromatic ski suit with a red puffer bomber jacket for a powerful snowboarding session in the snowy mountains or a pink bomber jacket for a beginner’s ski session. You could also pair your grey joggers with a grey full-sleeved t-shirt, a neutral green bomber jacket, and multi-coloured chunky-soled sneakers with a bit of green in them for an impromptu, late-night chilly bike ride.

  1. Women’s Bomber Jackets with Jeans

Jeans are an obvious wardrobe essential for most Indian women, especially young women. So, it is essential for you to have tops, jackets, accessories, and footwear that looks great with jeans. Women’s bomber jackets absolutely fit the bill. So, pair your dark jeans with a solid white or black t-shirt, white platform sneakers for women, and a bomber jacket in your favourite colour. Jeans with a black or white t-shirt and women’s platform sneakers are a completely neutral playground and allow you to experiment with the colours and patterns of your bomber jacket. So, play around, layer up with a dark bomber jacket for fun evenings out or a light one to comfortably attend work or college during the daytime.

  1. The Vacation Frenzy

Your personal winter season can be longer than the winter season in India since you can choose to travel to cold locations during the Indian summer months. So, if you’re a big fan of the chilly and cosy winter season, you must own at least one bomber jacket. This lightweight jacket is so travel-friendly that you can travel with multiple women’s bomber jackets, and you still won’t find yourself dragging your luggage. A white bomber jacket with a chic snow leopard print looks great with sheer tights, black boots, and a midi velvet winter dress or matching high-waisted and wide-legged women’s pants in snow leopard print, elegant metallic women’s sneakers with suede leather uppers, and a sports bra with an animal print as the inner layer. This look will give you the best pictures and help you turn heads as you vacation through a colder new region.

  1. The Neutralising Pretty Pastels

Pastel-coloured women’s bomber jackets with the slightest shine all-over are the trendiest bomber jacket aesthetic out there. These jackets will neutralise and enhance your already stylish, vibrant looks, including quirky sarees with bold prints, oxidised jewellery, vibrant multi-coloured tops or dresses, bright bags with various cartoon character designs, etc. So, wear your lacey blouse with a vibrant irkal saree and add a bit of androgyny with women’s high-top sneakers and a pastel pink bomber jacket. Similarly, you can pair a simple ikkat saree or short dress with a black or beige women’s bomber jacket for a more supplementary than complementary aesthetic.

Depending on your preference, you can find the best bomber jackets for women online and in stores. When choosing your favourite women’s bomber jackets, please ensure to match the jacket’s shoulder line with your shoulder bone. This will ensure an appropriate fit for you. A slim-fit bomber jacket gives you a trendier look than an oversized one. However, if you are looking for a sports jacket for women or a hoodie to lounge around, an oversized one will serve you better.

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